Sophie Isabela Atwater

We went with Patricia to have an ultrasound of the baby.  Here are some images of Sophie Isabela.  Her due date is August 21st.


Christmas 2010!

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We had a good Christmas together as a family.  It was fun to watch my kid’s faces shine with happiness as they unwrapped their gifts.  I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a happy New Year!

Its Fall Time!

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A lot happened in October and November.  Besides school we celebrated Halloween and Thanksgiving as well as went on our first home school field trip to a Corn Maze.  There are a lot of pictures in the slideshow if Halloween and the corn maze.  Halloween was on Sunday this year so we had a party for all the cousins then went trunk-or-treating at Grandma’s chaple. 

This is the only picture I have of Thanksgiving since I forgot my camera that day.  All the chilren are on a different table eating together next to Joff and Kristal.  We had a great Thanksgiving with lots of pie; and isn’t that what make Thanksgiving great?

Happy Birthday Ephraim!

Ephraim’s 3rd Birthday
We had his party on Saturday so that everyone could make it.  Ephraim had a lot of fun playing with his cousins at the park. 
Patricia made these cakes.  Arn’t they awesome?
Ephraim blowing out the candles
Opening presents
The guests

Independence Day

We celebrated the 4th on Monday the 5th at Grandma’s house with
all the gang that lives here in Maine.  It was a very nice day out so we
went swimming then we cooked out meal outside and visited as the 
kids played.  After a while we filled the pinata up with candy and the
kids took turns trying to break it and get to the treats inside.  We had
a patriotic program and shared stories and fun facts about American 
history inside.  It was a good celebration.  Even though we are going
 through tough times in this country right now there is no doubt that it
is still the greatest land on Earth and one separated from the rest by
the hand of God.  I love American history and learning of the great
men and women who gave freedom to the world.  While it saddens me
that I may be on the other end of its greatness I am still thankful to be
an American and love my country.  God Bless America and her people.

The cousins with Oscar

Ephraim in the middle getting candy

Joseph’s collection


Making Private Oscar


Fot the 4th we wanted to make a pinata.  We couldn’t bring ourself to make anything using America’s colors or symbols as we would be beating it with a stick later.  So we decided to go all out revolutionary style and made a redcoat to beat up.  It work out better than we thought.  Below you can see the making of Oscar.



Fort Knox

For Grandma’s birthday we all went to Fort Knox.  They built a new bridge over the Penobscot river with the worlds highest bridge tower.   Then we ate lunch, sang happy birthday and went to see the fort.  Joseph and Ephraim loved running in the dark halls and climbing all over the cannons.  Afterwards we went swimming at the beach. 

Here we are at the gates to the fort

This picture is the inside courtyard

Spiral stairs going to the top

Joseph is in one of the storage rooms

Ephraim is sitting on the cannon balls

Above: Patricia & the boys in a prison room with Grandma & grandpa looking in.  Below: The four of us sitting on a huge cannon that took 8 soldiers to opporate.